Be it a residential or commercial property water seepage may start minutely but the problem enhances gradually if not fixed promptly. If you are a homeowner in Delaware, USA and experiencing water seepage near your windows or basins or damp walls in your basement with musty odours, this could be because of cracks in the foundation. Do you want a formula to fix this problem at an affordable cost? You need to contact an expert foundation contractor in Delaware, Delaware Waterproofing, a one-stop solution for foundation repair and waterproofing solutions in Delaware.

Foundation repair and waterproofing

Living in Delaware you may experience different types of climates and weathers throughout the year. There are hot summers and cold winters and also a humid subtropical climate that affects the foundation structures. Delaware has a low-lying terrain and hence is also prone to flooding. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean increases the possibility of heavy rainfall. Hence for the homeowners provisions are required to avoid foundation cracks and water seepage because of heavy rains and wet basements with flooding. For the perfect solution to the foundation crack problems, we need to first understand the reason behind it. 

Why do foundation cracks happen?

Foundation cracks occur due to

  • Environmental factors (e.g. freeze, thaw cycles)
  • Poor construction (e.g. not properly compacted or low-quality materials)
  • Soil-related issues(e.g. settlement and shrinkage)

The lifespan of a cracked foundation depends on the crack’s severity and the quality of repair. It can last for many years if repaired with good-quality materials and techniques. You have to address the underlying issues causing the cracking for long-term stability. By investing in waterproofing and foundation crack repair, you can prevent costly repairs and maintain a safe and dry environment. Such issues are best outsourced to the expert contractors like Delaware waterproofing. 

Delaware waterproofing provides high-quality structural repairs to protect your property and ensure safety and stability. They provide foundation crack repair services through the following methods:

  • Epoxy or polyurethane injection

These specialized resins can be injected into fine hairline cracks in concrete foundations. They provide excellent adhesion and help seal cracks from water penetration.

  • Hydraulic cement

This is ideal for larger foundation cracks. It expands as it cures, filling up voids and tightly sealing the damaged area.

  • Masonry patching compound

If your foundation has minor surface cracks, a masonry patching compound can be applied to restore structural integrity.

  • Exterior waterproofing coatings

Waterproof coatings are applied to the exterior walls for an extra layer of defence against Delaware weather. These act as a prevention from the foundation cracks in Delaware basements. 

Different foundation cracks require specific approaches and materials for long-lasting results. For example, hairline cracks often benefit from epoxy or polyurethane injection methods due to their ability to penetrate deeply into narrow gaps and create stronger bonds across multiple layers of concrete. It is only the expertise of a professional who can suggest which method suits best for your case. The experienced team of Delaware Waterproofing is the best consultant of how to fix the foundation crack in your property at an affordable cost. 

The foundation repair cost

Delaware is a place of geographical diversity. It is close to the ocean and is prone to high rainfall and flooding. The repair cost of your property depends on its location and the extent of damage. The cost also depends on the types of material and technology used and the age of the property. On average, foundation repairs cost around $5000 but can range from $ 2000 to $ 8000.  For example stabilization costs between $1000 to $25000 depending on the extent of damage. Waterproofing can cost from $ 2000 to $ 7000 depending on the extent of damage and the location. 

But protecting your home is always worth the price. It is not considered as an expense but an investment. Your foundation supports your home’s weight, keeping it levelled and structurally sound. Foundation issues can cause devastating structural problems throughout a house and hence you need to take them seriously and repair them as soon as possible. To get your foundation repair done at an affordable price call today Delaware Waterproofing (800) 834 6584. 

What makes Delaware Waterproofing Company stand out from the rest?

Delaware Waterproofing – one – stop solution for waterproofing is a highly experienced, professional team that will help you get rid of problems related to foundation repairs and waterproofing and also related issues like mould growth. You can use their expertise to maintain the beauty, integrity and hygiene of your residential or commercial property. If you want to have the best experience with your repair work at an affordable price contact Delaware waterproofing today.

The services offered by Delaware Waterproofing are as follows: 

  • Foundation Repair
  • Waterproofing
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Mould removal
  • Sub floor
  • Wet Basement
  • French Drain
  • Pressure Relief System

Whatever the problem, at Delaware Waterproofing they are inspected thoroughly, and are worked on efficiently till you are satisfied. The foundation cracks, the water seepages, wetness in the basements, growth of molds and bugs are worked on professionally and effectively by the expert team. You can rely on Delaware Waterproofing company because of the:

  • Best quality materials
  • Keen inspection and advising on your problems
  • Dedicated services for residential as well as commercial spaces
  • Highly trained field officers
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Latest technology and equipment
  • Professional service and quality work
  • Affordable pricing
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Response time of 24 hours or less
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

 Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best contractors for foundation repairs and waterproofing in Delaware?

Delaware Waterproofing, Powell foundation Repair, 58 Foundation and waterproofing, Adam Basement waterproofing, DryZone are few experts for foundation repairs and waterproofing in Delaware.

What is foundation repair?

Foundation repair is the process of fixing or stabilizing the foundation of a structure that has got damaged.

Can foundation cracks be fixed?

You can fill a small foundation crack with concrete using a kit but it is always best to get the work done by a professional.

Are foundation cracks dangerous?

Foundation cracks may appear small and not risky initially but they may widen and result in water leakage. Water leakage keeps dampening your walls, may give rise to water spills, growth of molds and bugs. It may impair your electrical systems and may cause potential hazard to the integrity of the structure of your house. Hence foundation cracks are dangerous and need to be fixed.

Why do foundations crack?

Foundations may crack due to environmental factors (e.g. freeze-thaw cycle), poor foundation construction, soil condition, heavy water flow, plumbing and drainage leaks etc.

How much does a foundation repair cost in Delaware?

The cost of foundation repair depends on the severity and location of the repair. On an average you can expect to pay between $350 for small crack repairs to $ 5000 or more for larger repairs.

Which are different methods used to fix foundation cracks?

The different methods used to fix foundation cracks are epoxy or polyurethane injection, filling hydraulic cement, applying masonry patching compound etc.

Why is wet basements a major problem in Delaware?

Delaware has different types of climate and weather all year around. This may cause foundation ruptures. It is positioned in the Mid- Atlantic region and experiences heavy rainfall and flooding. Hence wet basements are a major problem faced by Delaware homeowners.

How can I prevent a wet basement in Delaware?

You can implement effective basement waterproofing tips including interior and exterior solutions, using proper drainage systems and regular inspection to prevent a wet basement in Delaware.

Do regular professional inspections by professionals help keep my basement dry and hygienic in Delaware?

Regular professional inspections may be helpful to detect small cracks leading to dampness or presence of moulds because of moisture in the nooks of the basement or other spaces in the property. It is advisable that you get your property regularly inspected by a professional company like Delaware Waterproofing.


Delaware has a unique position in the Mid-Atlantic region giving it heavy rainfalls and floods. This may lead to basement flooding, walls dampening, water seepage throughout the properties. Delaware experiences different types of climate and weather throughout the year. This makes the foundation of the properties go through freeze-thaw cycles. Along with this poor construction (e.g. not appropriately compacted or low quality materials) also gives rise to cracks in the foundations. 

The cracks in the foundation lead to water seepage, dampening of walls which causes deterioration of the walls. It also leads to growth of bugs and molds in the wet areas. This is unhygienic and dangerous since any harm to the foundation of the property affects the integrity of the property.  

Delaware residents should keep a close watch on whether their residential or commercial properties have any foundation cracks, dampened walls or wet basements and if observed, should get the problem fixed at the earliest by professional experts to prevent further damage to the property.