Crawl spaces are the foundation of our homes. Compromising the health of the crawl spaces is fiddling with the structure of the property itself. Do you want to know the signs that show the crawlspace in your house is in healthy condition or needs waterproofing? Do you keep thinking about how to address these issues? Are you looking for a crawl space waterproofing service to fix your crawl space waterproofing worries once and for all? Then you’ve landed on the right site. This article will discuss what is crawl space, the top signs that show the need for waterproofing a crawl space, and how to address them.

Crawl space meaning and the top signs you need Crawl Space Water-Proofing

Crawl Space is an area under the living area of your house and basically forms the foundation on which the house is built. The crawl space floor is usually soil. The crawl space is like a basement but has proper ventilation. Some crawl spaces are of full height like a basement and some are very short for a person to crawl to get inside. Hence, the name crawl space. They are essentially built to circulate the outside air beneath the house to prevent excess of moisture in the structure. Therefore, locations with high humidity, coastal regions, or marshlands prefer to have crawl spaces to protect the building. They are also important because they give easy access to plumbing and wiring. But due to high humidity, they themselves are prone to moisture problems. How to know that there is a problem with the crawl space and that they need waterproofing? Following are the top signs showing you need crawl space waterproofing:


The Dampness or Moisture is one of the initial signs that your crawl space needs a restoration. This moisture is caused by the water that gets accumulated into the crawl space area due to heavy rainfall, burst pipes, or groundwater that seeps through permeable walls and flows into the crawl space. It can possess a dangerous health hazard to you and your family members. So, to avoid further damage to your family’s health, eradication of moisture in crawl spaces is important and if you observe dampness in the crawl space, it’s time to dial in a professional crawl space waterproofing expert to solve the problem.

Increasing Humidity

The water that is collected at the bottom of the crawl space or outside around the crawl space is the cause of moisture in the air.  As the water tries to evaporate from the surface it affects the air circulation of the home which increases humidity. This, if not treated timely, can lead to condensation. So, when you think that the air in the room is more humid than the temperature or weather outside, it’s an indicator that the crawl space needs waterproofing.

Cracked Foundations and Walls

Foundation cracks, breaks or fissures in the walls are a common issue. This happens due to the presence of moisture in the crawl space which contributes to the structural damage of the infrastructure of the house. Some other reasons for cracked foundations and walls are natural disasters like Earthquakes that can create serious damage to the foundation. Plumbing issues like leaking of sewer and drainage lines can cause congestion of the soil and trigger cracks in the foundation. Sticking doors, and cabinets coming off the walls are all signs of cracked or poor foundation damage. If such signs and symptoms are noticed, it is the right time to call the crawl space personnel.

Smelling Strange

Over time, you may find the air filled with an unusual odor that is not the usual fragrant air freshener and is musty. This is an instant sign to recognize that your crawl space needs to be repaired. The moisture is accumulated in the crawl space for a long time. It leads to condensation and then mold and mildew appear. These defective crawl spaces become the best breeding ground for little creatures like Insects, Vermin, and Rodents. They can enter into your house through the cracks in the walls. If they die in the crawl space and are left unattended for days, it can lead to foul and rot smell which can further cause more health concerns.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

A decayed crawl space may impact your energy bills outrageously due to the combination of the increase in the humidity of your home and the deteriorating health of the insulation in your crawl space. The more the humidity in your house, the more your Air-conditioning has to function harder to keep the temperature cool, the higher your HVAC has to work and the higher would be the spike in your energy bills. On the other hand, the HVAC will have to compensate for the leakage as the decayed crawl space allows hot and cold air to desert through the floorings.  

Condensation, a serious matter

As we have learned condensation is the state of matter from a gaseous state to liquid, the reverse of vaporization. Similarly, an increase in humidity creates condensation in the air as the water vapor needs to escape and go somewhere, which results in the formation of droplets that get collected on the surface of the house. Condensation is a serious matter as it can damage your insulation, floor support, or the joist.

Rotted Flooring

One of the major reasons why rotting of the floor takes place is exposure to moisture for longer periods of time. To save yourself from the hit of a high splurge in expenses due to a rotted floor, it is vital to consider the signs of increased moisture beforehand.

After knowing the crucial signs of crawl space waterproofing, it is essential to know how to address them.

 How to Address the Crawl Space waterproofing Issues?

After we identify the signs of waterproofing, we address these issues:

Vapor Barriers

Installation of vapor barriers prevents the moisture from getting evaporated into crawl space air. When the crawl space vapor barrier system is combined with a waterproofing system, water and moisture it has no chance to cause problems such as mold, foul odors, rot, rust, rodents, humidity, or any insects.


Crawl space dehumidifiers help reduce air humidity in crawl spaces. It aids in removing excess humidity and preserves structural damage. It assists in making the air in your home clean and pure to breathe. It also prevents the formation of mildew.


The Insulation of your crawl space is not always a necessity but is highly recommended. It can reduce the expenses of your bills as it helps in saving your energy bills and improves the comfort of your home and most importantly reduces moisture problems in crawl spaces also.

Pest Control

You can seal the crawl space openings from where pests enter. Most of the gaps are around foundation walls and your home’s floor, gaps around pipes and wirings. Sealing these gaps or keeping it pest free to prevent further deterioration helps in solving many crawl space issues.

Sump Pump

To eliminate the issue of emergency flooding and prevent water damage to your home or property, a sump pump can be installed in the crawl space. It is like water removal equipment and detects leaks by collecting and draining the water that has been accumulated in the crawl spaces.

Apart from the above solutions, following are some tips to protect the home crawl spaces. 

Home Foundation protection

  • Examine the perimeter of your house, look for signs of cracks or fissure. 
  • Make sure that other exterior coverings like brick, vinyl, wood, and siding are at least six inches above the bottom of the foundation. 
  • Ensure that the ground slopes away from your foundation, as the debris and dirt can close up this clearance and provide the moisture to appear at the top of the foundation. 
  • To get rid of this moisture, you need to clear off the dirt or other materials to improvise and get a clear path. 
  • Keep a track of water pooling around your house, you can experiment by spraying water with a hose at different points of your house and check if the pool of water is formed.
  • If it is forming then remove the water and fill in dirt in those areas to prevent it from happening again. 
  • Clean and examine your gutters, by removing any debris. 
  • Whenever you clean your gutters ensure that they don’t have any cracks, holes, or gaps.
  • Also check if they are bent correctly so that the water flows through them seamlessly and away from your home.

As we can see, crawl spaces are an important part of the house that needs regular maintenance. DIY projects take time and energy, both in scarcity in today’s world. Therefore it is recommended to hire professional contractors for waterproofing your essential crawl spaces. 

Choosing the best Crawl Space Waterproofing Services in Delaware 

Waterproofing your crawl space is compelling as it is directly linked with the health and safety of your house and its inhabitants. Choosing the best service providers will safeguard your crawl space against all the potential harm and damage and prevent risks if necessary.

One such best crawl space waterproofing contractor is Delaware Waterproofing. Since it lives by its motto ‘Your Family Deserves Better’, your home will be protected from water damage, securing your peace of mind and providing expert solutions for all your crawl space issues. The company offers top-quality residential waterproofing services to help rule out water damage and keep your basement dry. They also bestow commercial waterproofing services to different types of buildings and structures. Delaware water proofing also provides following services:

Drainage Solutions Services

The Delaware waterproofing company provides efficient and cost effective drainage solutions to stop water damage and flooding around and inside your property. After carefully examining the specific needs and budget they provide the perfect solutions by incorporating advanced drainage techniques that ensure the safety of your property while keeping it dry from water related issues.

Mold Remediation Services

Delaware experts strive to assist you with the most advanced equipment and techniques to determine the category of mold and remove them by getting to the root of the problem safely, thereby reviving a healthy and mold-free environment.

Structural Repair Services

The Company offers high- quality structural repair services to guarantee safety and stability of your establishment or property. They use only the best in the latest technology and tools to solve any problems related to structural repair in a timely manner. A squad of experts provides lasting and reliable structural repair solutions tackling foundation issues and ensuring safety and stability of your property.

Basement Filing and Remodeling Services

Delaware provides basement filing and remodeling services to transform your basement into a functional space. Customized designs to professional installation they take care of your every project. A skilled team of contractors work closely with the clients to bring their visions to life creating an attractive renovated basement that adds value to the comfort of your home.

Crawl Space Waterproofing Services

It is another service rendered by Delaware Waterproofing that provides innovative and original crawlspace solutions to maintain the safety and health of your home or business. A team of professionals at the company specialize in preventing moisture and water from seeping in and causing damage to your property. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

Should I keep my Crawl Space Vents Open or Closed? 

Mostly, it depends on the climatic conditions of the location of the home and the specifications of that crawl space. The vent of the crawl space is present to maintain and create the air flow which prevents the moisture from getting accumulated. Accumulation of moisture in the crawl space will lead to humidity, molds, rot, condensation, mildew and can also be an invitation to the damage of other parts of your home such as Joists, Beams, and Flooring which will have a negative impact on you and the health of your loved ones.

Ideally, crawl space vents need to be encapsulated with closed and sealed vents to prevent the moisture from accumulating. But if your home does not have an encapsulated crawl space, it is recommended to keep the crawl space open, so that the air flow under your home is circulated. Similarly, the homes which have encapsulation, it is vital to seal the crawl space vents, as the encapsulation will itself do the work of preventing the moisture from accumulating.

Do you really need a Sump Pump?

 Sump Pumps are really significant and need to be installed as they help prevent your crawl space and basement from getting flooded. If you have any issues with water in these spaces due to weather or location of your house, then you would need a sump pump. Sump pump prevents water from accumulating and creating harm to your home. Sump pumps should not be in operation all the time as it could be the sign of water flooding in your home. They should be installed at the lowest point in your home because they pump out water after it reaches a certain level that triggers the system to turn on.  

Are Gutters the cause of my Crawl Space getting flooded by water? 

If the gutters are not efficiently draining the water from your house, this can cause the stagnant water around your home and create erosion around your foundation. You must also observe the square footage of your roof and the pipes in your gutter system. You also need to check if there’s a lot of water collected. If the draining of the gutter pipes is appropriately away from home, and not choked, it can help you with a lot of water problems.

 Can my Crawl Space have a Door?

 Some homes do have a door installed for their crawl spaces and utilize it as storage. So if you find it interesting then you can go for it, asking the crawl space expert to install a door with a locking code to prevent unauthorized access. The size of the door must be 18×24 inches or larger. Most commonly the problems that are tackled by the crawl space experts are moisture control, insulation, ventilation, structural repairs and waterproofing but some companies do provide the services like remodeling or renovation of crawl spaces.

Should my Crawl Space be Dry?

Yes, you must keep your crawl space completely dry as it is the best way to prevent the mold from developing and protects the house from structural damage and also keeps the health of your family safe. 

What is the Best Procedure to Seal the Crawl Space?

Use a durable plastic sheet or liners for covering the ground and walls. Ensure sealing all the vents and gaps as well, so that it prevents the mold moisture and pests from entering into the Crawl Space. 

What type of moisture barrier should I put in my Crawl Space?

A Vapor Barrier that is at least 6 mils thick or even thicker is better so that it helps to keep the moisture out of the crawl space.